Old Town Ultimate Evening Tour

Old Town Ultimate Evening Tour

per person

As the sun is setting, the best and most complete private evening tour that you can find in Corfu is what we propose to you. Cultural influences by Venetians, French and the British left our island with an unrivaled architectural and cultural legacy. A legacy which can be transmitted to you though this tour. Join us away from ordinary tourist walks. Under the light of the setting sun, discover emblematic fortresses situated on the perimeter of the old town as well as points of interest at the core of city. The need for a different kind of tour that is taking place in the coolest hour of the day, in a town that belongs to the Unesco World Heritage Centre is the essence of this walk.

Along with our exceptional tourist guide you will visit the New Fortress an architectural masterpiece situated on a hill above the old port. Learn everything concerning its defensive techniques and its structure in general and enjoy a unique panoramic view of the old town, the historical suburbs and the sea crossing to the continental Greece. As you approach magical Spianada, the largest square in the Balkans through narrow alleys and among tall buildings not very familiar to the majority of foreigners, you will definitely feel like a local. After a long walk to the most interesting places of this dream city you will reach the archway of the old fortress. There, under the setting sun, one by one all its secrets are revealed to you and a journey through time will commence, as you walk through narrow paths and on the fortifications. In the end when you will reach its highest spot your mind will be filled with the strongest emotions as you stare at the most impressive natural beauty of the old Corfu town. All of the above consist one of a kind images which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

As the daylight is diminishing, prepare to witness a different Corfu and visit places not very well known to the common tourist but also historical monuments and sights, which only the experience, the knowledge of a local guide can reveal to you. Choose this 4 hour tour, in which history of over 2500 years unravels before your eyes.

We cannot wait to share with you the most impressive view of the city from above.

This tour, in the old city, is the ultimate choice for those who wish to have a truly unique experience.

Additional Info

  • Wear comfortable shoes, grab your camera and fully enjoy your tour.
  • This tour is also available in German, Italian and Russian language upon request.
  • Number of persons can be adjusted upon request at special prices.
  • Can’t find your date? Contact us for more info


  • Meeting Point
    New Fortress’s Square
  • Starting Time
    4:00 pm


  • Services of a certified local guide
  • Private tour on foot at easy pace
  • Coffee or drink at a local traditional cafe in old town
  • Admission to sights
  • Possibility of small deviation from our route if requested


  • Transport From/To your hotel
  • Personal Expenses