Memorable Corfu’s Easter

Memorable Corfu’s Easter

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For people who live in Corfu, Easter is without any doubt, the most loved holiday of the year. Island‘s nature at its best, together with various customs that take place all over the Old Town of Corfu, a town full of devoutness and melodies, make Easter celebration an experience of a lifetime! Especially during Holy Week, the atmosphere at the town of Corfu is filled with devoutness. Undoubtedly, the intensity of the customs that take place on Good Friday’s evening as well as Great Saturday morning constitutes the strongest proof that traditions have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

For those who are seeking a true and out of the ordinary tourist, a private experience we have created this unique proposal because we want you to be at the most privileged spot and embrace the devoutness of the customs away from crowded streets and alleyways.

Come walk with us on Good Friday’s evening in a unique route at the famous alleyways which are filled with moving religious music that originates from various churches across the town. The music together with the passing of many Epitaphs that start from midday and end at night constitutes picturesque scenery that captivates everyone who is experiencing it.

We know how to avoid crowded streets. We will show you first hand all the action. You will discover many churches hidden in the Old Town and you will be at the right place, the right time to enjoy the music of Philharmonics and Choirs and last but not least, the highlight of the day,  the passing of the imposing Epitaph of the Metropolis who every one is “dying to watch”.

All tourist guides state clearly that in order to ideally attend the oldest and most impressive of all litanies, that of Saint Spyridon, and the First Resurrection of the Christ, which take place on Great Saturday morning you must wake up early and grab a spot at the central square which is filled with people.

But if you join us on this tour things will be a lot different. You will be the lucky ones, those who will have the great opportunity to witness the ultimate custom of Corfu’s Easter from the best spot! On Great Saturday morning, we will avoid all the hassle of the crowded streets and we will reach with ease the center of the Old Town. There we will enjoy hymns of Philharmonics which will accompany the Epitaph of Saint Spyridon and the Holy Relic of the Saint.

Αt  11 o’clock on the same day, when the impressive custom of the First Resurrection takes place and the town vibrates full of joy and bliss, while hundreds of clay pots filled with water (the famous Botides) are falling off the balconies and windows, you will not have to struggle finding the best spot.  We picked the right one for you! You will find yourself in one of the central balconies of the Old Town and you will have the great opportunity to drop a large clay pot and witness firsthand the most impressive First Resurrection that is taking place on our beautiful island.

With our proposal, we will make Easter in Corfu the best Easter of your life! A different Easter holiday full of memorable images, scents and music. Not only you will feel like a local but also you will act like one…You will have what every tourist wishes to have. A local at their disposal to show Corfu Easter from the inside. Throw away any tourist guide or maps and follow Corfubylocals at the heart of Corfu’s Easter Celebration! Let us show you the real traditional Easter in Corfu and something more!

Additional Info

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes; Avoid High Heels By All Means!
  • Grab your camera and capture memorable photographs!
  • This tour is also available in German, Italian and Russian language upon request.

Concerns the days  Good Friday & Holy Saturday.

This tour is available only upon request. Contact us for more info.



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Free Cancellation 30 days or more prior to start date of activity.

40% Cancellation fee between 20 to 29 days prior to date of activity

100% Cancellation fee 19 days or less prior to date of activity.

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  • Private tour on foot at easy pace.
  • Coffee or drink at a local traditional cafe in old town.


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