Durrells’ Tour In Corfu

Durrells’ Tour In Corfu

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The tour is based on a true story…

One can say with certainty, that the Island of Corfu is a magnificent place.”The paradise” that Durrells’ family fell in love with when they moved in back in the 1930’s still exists here and will be revealed to you as an alternative approach, away from the areas of mass tourism. Whether you are a fan of The Durrells’ TV show or the Durrell brothers’ writing, and you decided to visit our island because of them, amongst other reasons, do not miss this unique private tour where Durrells’ life will unravel before your eyes!

In this exquisite tour, we offer you the chance to live a memorable experience in our beautiful Ionian island following the famous family’s footsteps while you witness all these things that inspired the producers of the television show of this famous family. Almost a century later, nature landscapes remain unchanged. Home of Lawrence and Nancy Durrell, the so called ”The White House”, is readily recognizable to date, between olive groves and cypress trees above the sea bay of ”Kalami” shore. Even though, nowadays, Strawberry-Pink Villa may look different from the books’ descriptions, ”Annemoyani Villa” also known as Daffodil Yellow Villa still holds this haunting feeling of the past. As this three-floor Venetian mansion, with its tall walls, its wide verandah and overgrown garden have remained unchanged since the days of the Durrells.

Follow our specialized tour guide in a fascinating experience to all Gerald Durrell’s favorite places when he was a child. Besides the houses where the family used to live, you will have the opportunity to visit the gorgeous secluded north-eastern bays and hidden coves which so beautifully depicted by Gerald in his books. You will walk in ”Pontikonisi”, a small island which Gerald and his sister Margo both loved to visit. You will look at the Chessboard Fields at ”Chalikiopoulou Lake” a place that the young naturalist Gerald described as his playground.

We, the locals, know that for the Durrells, the beauty of the island was not hidden only in the hydrologic sites, flower-filled olive groves, mountain walks and pebbled coves with crystal clear water. It was also in the Old Town of Corfu one of the most loved places of the family. So take the chance and enjoy privileged insights into the life regarding detailed information about the family as you walk through medieval streets, the so-called ”Kantounia”, filled with churches and imposing architecture. Right where the Durrells used to walk. Then we will stop for a relaxed coffee break where they used to drink their coffee, and you will recognize the busts of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell, at ”Boschetto” park, which were created in honour of our island’s famous residents.

Make the most of this amazing tour by taking photographs of the monuments of the Old Town, the palaces of Saint Michael and George and Mon Repo Palace ( where Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was born), places that were the ideal settings for the needs of the filming of the popular television show.

For centuries, this unique island of the Mediterranean excites with its irresistible natural beauty, its visitors and all those who lived or live here. We created this great private tour for you who want to experience Corfu of Gerald Durrell.  Meet the beauty of the landscape and embrace the hospitality and generosity of the locals, which was experienced by the Durrells in the 1930’s and still remains intact even today.

Additional Info

  • This tour is designed to last 4 hours (but can be customized depending on your available time).
  • It is ideal for cruise ship passengers.
  • For cruise passengers, we can adjust the start time according to the arrival time of the ship on our island

This tour is available only upon request. Contact us for more info.

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  • Local specialist tour guide
  • Transfer by luxury private vehicle
  • Walking tour at an easy pace
  • Move to and from your hotel
  • Enjoy Greek coffee or natural juice at a magnificent location


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