Corfu Winery Tour

Corfu Winery Tour

per person

One of the best ways to comprehend the uniqueness of our beautiful island is to take part in this private winery tour that will awake your senses. From Homer times up until nowadays, well hidden Corfiot vineyards exist in harmony among traditional villages and idyllic landscapes filled with breathtaking views. Indulge your senses by tasting the best wines that Corfu has to offer.

On this unique excursion, you will have the opportunity to visit both our vineyard and winery, where some of the most quality and tasty wines of Corfu, are produced. We have a tradition in winemaking, characterized by knowledge, skills and a great experience. Experience a way of life that basically, has changed little over the centuries. And a way of life in which man and nature blend harmoniously in order to produce excellent wine. Meet our persistence in delivering wine of an exceptional quality, our care in the process of winemaking and all in all our love for traditional varieties of Corfiot grapes.

This unique wine tour begins before you even reach the winery. The route and the surrounding landscape are full of pictures that emphasize the wine-growing character of the area. Enjoy a unique tour of our vineyard, where local growers will reveal all the secrets of the crop, the characteristics and uniqueness of the most famous Corfiot varieties, Kakotrygis and Skopelitiko, right here at the place which they are being produced. Grab this amazing opportunity and learn unknown aspects of the Greek wine history, and how Corfu’s cultivation of the vine played an important part in it. At the winery’s premises, we will present to you all the equipment used and all the winemaking stages from grape picking up to bottling.

As we walk through the vineyard and our olive trees, you will learn how the exceptional Mediterranean climate shapes the special character of our wine. You will collect fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden and you will taste them at your own ease, accompanied with our own extra virgin olive oil. In that way, you will learn from firsthand how Corfiot cuisine and wine are exceptionally mixed together. Furthermore, while you are having your lunch you will learn the appropriate method for tasting good wine. You will use your nose like a beginner Sommelier while you are identifying the aromas of our white and red wines as you will be enjoying authentic Corfu flavors that blend harmoniously with them.

Join us in this unique experience at our family winery. Learn everything about wine, from the cultivation and processing of vines to vinification and maturation. The personal connection with people in all parts of this tour, the delicate aromas and vibrant colors of Corfu vineyard will surely make this a life memorable experience.

  • Meeting Point
    at the winery
  • Starting Time
    10:30 am


  • Tour conducted by a local winemaker.
  • Enjoy of local lunch served alongside wine-tasting, at the winery.


  • Transportation from/to your hotel
  • Personal expenses