Corfu Walking & Hiking Tour

Corfu Walking & Hiking Tour

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Corfu was single out as a key destination for hiking and trekking many decades ago. The most picturesque sections of the Corfu Trail, which are expanding from the southern tip of Corfu to the northernmost point, as well as other impressive and non-popular hikiηg trails, await you to discover.

Through our thorough instructions and advice, we will make sure that you will enjoy the calming yet exciting serenity of Corfiot nature. Witness our beautiful island from an enchanting perspective, as you go hιking or trekking away from crowded tourist places. You will be fascinated by the variety of the sceneries and you will be carried away by the intoxicating smell of trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs of the Corfu countryside. All trails combine hiκing adventure in nature with frequent stop to catch your breath at carefully selected points where you will have the opportunity to admire and take memorable pictures of unique views of the island from the highest places. Not only that, but also in some of the routes that cross villages, it will be possible for you to taste exquisite homemade products made by natives in some of the traditional Greek cafes, you will be able to taste great homemade products from the locals in some of the traditional Greek coffees if you participate in one of our Corfu Walking Tours.

Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner but with the strong desire to live a unique and unforgettable experience of this fascinating island, we have planned for you the most authentic hikιηg tours in our island. Corfu hιkiηg trails combine mountain and sea, green hills and picturesque idyllic villages, paved paths and sandy beaches and all in all, offer the most complete Ηiking experience on our beautiful island. An experience we would be more than exciting to share it with you! You will have the opportunity to take part in our Corfu Hiking Tours.

We provide you with the choice of either walking or running.

To help you choose the route that will meet your needs, here are, listed some of the dozens of amazing routes you can explore with, their length, time and degree of difficulty.


Routes to North Corfu

  1. Agios Stefanos – Erimitis – Avlaki, 5km, 2hrs, grade 1
  2. Kaminaki – Agni – Kalami – Kouloura – Kerasia, 6km, 2hrs, grade 1, coastal route
  3. Palaiokastritsa – Lakones – Makrades – Krini – Angelokastro, 8km, 3hrs, grade 2
  4. Agios Spiridonas – Antinioti Lake – Cape Agia Ekaterini – Agios Spiridonas, 9km, 3hrs, grade 1
  5. Cave Loutzes- Sinies – Old Perithia, 10km, 4hrs, grade 2
  6. Agios Georgios – Afionas – Porto Timoni – Agios Georgios, 10km, 4hrs, grade 2
  7. Sidari – Canal d’ Amour – Cape Drastis- Sidari, 11km, 3hrs,  grade 1
  8. Spartyllas – Mount Pantokrator – Old Perithia, 13km, 5hrs,  grade 3
  9. Rekini – Valanio – Socraki–Spartyllas, 13km, 5hrs, grade 3
  10. Liapades – Kanakades – Eliodorou Beach – Liapades, 15km, 5hrs, grade 2, circuit route
  11. Kalami – Agni – Kentroma – Porta – Megoulas- Kaminaki – Kalami, 16km, 5hrs,  grade 3, cirquit route
  12. Spartyllas – Mount Pantokrator – Old Perithia – Krinia – Portes – Almyros – Cape Agia Ekaterini – Agios Spyridonas, 22km, 7hrs, grade 2


Routes to Central Corfu

  1. Kaiser Bridge – Agia Kyriaki – Gastouri – Agioi Deka, 8km, 3hrs, grade 2
  2. Vatos – Myrtiotissa- Agios Georgios – Vatos, 8km, 3hrs, grade 2, circuit route
  3. Agios Mattheos – Monastery of Pantokrator – Prasoudi – Aghios Mattheos, 6km, 3hrs, grade 1
  4. Benitses – Stavros – Agioi Deka – Monastery of Pantokrator – Dafnata – Benitses, 15km, 5hrs, grade 3
  5. Stavros – AnoGarouna – Agioi Deka – Kamara – Sinarades – Pelekas, 18km, 6hrs, grade 2


Routes to South Corfu

  1. Agios Georgios – Issos – Korission Lake – Halikouna, 7km, 2hrs, grade 1, coastal route
  2. Kavos – Asprokavos – Arkoudilas – Kavos, 9km, 3hrs, grade 2, circuit route
  3. Linia – Chlomos – Taxiarches – Linia, 7km, 2.5hrs, grade 1, circuit route
  4. Lefkimmi – Alykes – AgiosIoanni s – Molos – Lefkimmi, 9km, 3hrs, grade 1, cirquit route
  5. Kavos – Asprokavos – Monastery of Panagia – Arkoudilas – Spartera – Kavos, 12km, 4hrs, grade 2
  6. Lefkimmi – Gardenos – Marathias – Agios Georgios, 16km, 5hrs, grade 2
  7. Agios Georgios – Linia – Korission Lake – Halikounas – Issos – Agios Georgios, 18km, 5hrs, grade 2, circuit route


Build Your Own Route. Send us an e-mail and tell us which of the above places you would like to visit, your available time, your level of experience, the number of people in your group. Then, we will create a custom route that will meet your needs.

Additional Info

  • Wear comfortable shoes, long sleeve shirt, hat and sunglasses.
  • Bring snacks rich in carbohydrates. We will keep you hydrated with fresh water
  • Make sure you “travel light”
  • Our routes consist only of marked trails.
  • Bring sunscreen, bathing suits, your camera, a second sweatshirt in case you sweat, and if you think it is necessary a small backpack for your personal items.
  • Smaller or Larger Team sizes are available upon your request.
  • Meeting Point
    at your desired meeting place
  • Starting Time
    09:00 am


  • Local Guide
  • Freshwater
  • Area Maps


  • Transport From/To your hotel
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